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New web based software: Nexuspad

Online Organizer & Calender Built For Your Life

Description from the publisher: Nexuspad is a web-based online organizer designed for people and professionals. Accessible via any web browser, with smartphone applications available, Nexuspad allows you to integrate your calender, notes, documents and contacts into one, secure, cloud-hosted application so that you never lose your most important information. Organize your life with Nexuspad.

New web based software: Zervant

Online invoicing, accounting and time tracking for small businesses and freelancers!

Description from the publisher: Zervant is an online invoicing software that allows you to track working hours, expenses and income and helps you to keep your accounting up to date:

- Track time and expenses for projects & customers
- Measure customer satisfaction when invoicing
- Accounting reports for your accountant
- Single-entry accounting and VAT returns
- Send professional invoices with your own logo
- Log time and expenses for your customers
- Free homepage for your business

New web based software: BAS-I.C Free

BAS and GST Accounting

Description from the publisher: BAS-I.C is a streamlined web based accounting system designed for sole traders and small business. It includes the basic accounting functions required to easily record, manage and report revenue, expenses, and Goods and Services Tax (GST) allowing you to complete your Business Activity Statement (BAS). If you need a basic recording system that will easily allow you to meet your reporting and taxation requirements BAS-I.C could be for you. With BAS-I.C your data is always secure because it is on your local system. Unlike other web based accounting packages we do not store your data on some remote server. It is securely stored on your computer and can easily be exported for sharing, backup or archiving. Not only is your data safe but so is your computer there is nothing to download or install BAS-I.C runs directly in your browser. BAS-I.C keeps it simple. BAS-I.C is easy to use and quick to set up. Saving you time and reducing stress. BAS-I.C saves your data on your computer. It is secure and can easily be shared keeping you in control. BAS-I.C keeps your computer safe. There is nothing to download or install BAS-I.C runs directly in your browser keeping your computer secure. BAS-I.C costs less. Saving you money. BAS-I.C is better value.

New web based software: School Board

School Management Script

Description from the publisher: School Board gives to you all features to run your school and helps teachers, parents and children to collaborate, communicate and stay updated about all information in school.

Teachers can create lessons, track attendance of each student, set marks in gradebook.

Parents can view scheduling, marks, incidents and attendance of their children.

Students can check next lessons, view marks in gradebook and track missed lessons.

New web based software: MoxieCanvas

Beautiful Web Animations

Description from the publisher: MoxieCanvas is an online tool that lets you create web animations easily. It uses a simple drag and drop editor for creating and animating shapes, images and paths. No need to code anything. It can be used for creating banners, animated art, cartoons and other forms of web animation. MoxieCanvas generates HTML5 content using the canvas tag and the amazing KineticJS library, so your animations can run in all the latest browsers, tablets and smartphones.

New web based software: Smallpdf

Online PDF compressor

Description from the publisher: compresses your pdf in the cloud for free to a perfect size that is still good quality.

It is not easy to compress a pdf with regular software and professional products are too expensive. We created a simple, online solution for you to easily convert files to the right size.

New web based software: MyRecordList

List, aearch and ahre your record collection online

Description from the publisher: MyRecordList brings your record collection into the 21st century in style. List your vinyl records, cd's, cassettes and other formats and view your collection, your way.

It is completely free to create your list and features include; Import existing lists from RecordNerd and Discogs (csv) or grab release details from Discogs in a few clicks, detailed information page for each record including pressing information, condition, status and record color thumbnails, import or upload multiple images for each record (MyRecordList attempts to find the record covers for you and has integrated image searching with various music databases), support for multiple artists and record labels (for splits and compilations), multiple views (List, Grouped, Grid and Text List), simple search and advanced filters to pick out specific records in your list, share links for your list and records to post online, integrated social media sharing, publish your vinyl '#nowplaying' to your social accounts (Facebook and Twitter), play your records through Spotify (MyRecordList will search for your records for you), get charts and stats for your collection showing you your most popular artists, years, formats, labels, genres etc and backup/export all or part of your list to a csv file.

There is always friendly help and support should you need it and all the features are listed on the website and questions answered on Facebook ( and Twitter ( This is an independent project run in the UK by music fans who also like to develop web apps.

New web based software: dakwak

Effortless Website Translation

Description from the publisher: dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by having up and running translated versions of their website with no technical involvement and no integration.

Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options.

Translated versions of the website run initially under a temporary subdomain provided by dakwak till the user configures his DNS and makes those versions run under his own domain name.

Once the translated website is running under your own domain name, translated pages will start being indexed in search engines making your website visible to people searching in their native language.

New web based software: MIDAS - Web Based Room Scheduling

Making your facilities work for you!

Description from the publisher: MIDAS is a browser-based web app that gives you complete control over your room bookings & resource scheduling. Accessed entirely from your favorite web browser, see at a glance when your bookings are scheduled, manage staffing & equipment, send confirmations & invoices to clients, take booking requests through your website, and put an end to confusion & double bookings once and for all!

As all you need is a browser, MIDAS is readily available wherever you are! - Whether at the office, at home, or on the move - your booking information is right at your fingertips! Available to download (for use on your own server), or remotely hosted as SaaS (Software as a Service), MIDAS drastically cuts down on your costs, by streamlining the time spent on booking & administrative tasks, and reducing the amount of paperwork!

View bookings in a single, or multi-day grid, or as a monthly overview
Equipment, Staffing, & Consumables can be assigned to bookings
Quickly reschedule bookings with a simple "drag & drop" action
Easily add recurring bookings
Customized printouts of your bookings
Email booking confirmations to clients

Extensive "permissions" allow you to restrict what each user can do
A log is kept of all user activity
Receive notifications when new bookings are added or consumables are running low

Automatically generate invoices at time of booking
Retrospectively generate invoices
Manually create/modify invoices
Email invoices directly to your clients
Allow clients to pay their invoices online

Instantly generate & print graphical statistical reports
Export booking or client data in a range of formats for use in 3rd party applications, such as Excel

Allow the Public to check venue availability & make booking requests online (no login required!)
Booking Requests can be quickly approved/rejected by administrator

New web based software: OneDesk

Unified Product Platform

Description from the publisher: OneDesk is social software that connects employees, partners and customers to the product or service development process. More specifically, OneDesk is a suite of tightly integrated applications including feedback management, innovation and ideas management, help desk, requirements management, project management, product roadmapping and issue tracking.

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Webwarelist is a directory for web applications, i.e. web based software that runs in your web browser. We are not listing simple online services for time table information, music listening or to view digital maps. We are compiling a list of professional Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which can be used like its corresponding desktop applications. The Web 2.0 created a lot of new web based applications, but in fact this kind of software has been around since about Web 1.5. Many of the webapps are free, free to try or charge a small fee on a monthly basis.