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New web based software: Happyfox

Customer support, helpdesk and ticketing support software

Description from the publisher: HappyFox is a web based customer support ticketing system hosted in the cloud. It helps track and manage all customer support requests across multiple channels like email, chats, social media and phone in a centralized ticket support system. It provides integration with other web apps like CRM, live-chats, voice and bug tracking apps. Community forums feature help customers help each other and connect. Mobile versions of Happyfox provide support on the move.

New web based software: Chime - Time is of the Essence

Chime software – free online tool with job tracking and time sheets

Description from the publisher: Chime is a free online tool that lets you track time, export results to timesheets and get paid for your job. Crafted with love by 84kids software house.

New web based software: Hubstaff

Hubstaff time tracking software with screenshots and activity levels

Description from the publisher: Hubstaff time tracking software helps remote managers see what their workers are doing and track time to specific projects. Managers can see screenshots and activity levels of employees as well as run detailed reports and pay their employees.

Business owners can use our product stand alone or as an add-on to several project tracking suites (ex. able to add time spent on individual tasks in basecamp, as well as screenshots of the work during that timeperiod.

New web based software: Mockup Builder

easy wireframing and mockups creation

Description from the publisher: Mockup Builder is a tool that allows to create wireframes and mockups of web sites, desktop software, mockile abd tablet applications. User have an ability to create wireframes in two different styles. Possibility for online collaboratio, export and import options are also included. In the mockup creation process user can use ny of the templates, that are avalable in the Gallery for free.

New web based software: VivaDesk

Help Desk Software

Description from the publisher: Online help desk software including ticketing, asset management, and knowledge base. VivaDesk is web-based help desk software with an intuitive support ticket system and a self-service customer support portal that is easy to use and convenient.

New web based software: primaERP / TIME TRACKING

Free web based time tracking software

Description from the publisher: primaERP / TIME TRACKING is a cloud based application which allows you to write down, manage and evaluate your time. It is an online application, so you can access it from everywhere.
There is useful option of working in collaboration with your colleagues by using only one account. This allows you to delegate tasks and to have a clear overview on present project.
Allows you to integrate external applications such as Basecamp, MS Exchange calendar and Google Calendar.
Reports are best for generating free invoices.
All you need to do now, is write down your tasks and activities and start tracking time. In primaERP / TIME TRACKING you can start tracking first and then fill in activity so you will not be disturbed and you will stay focused on your work only.

New web based software: KashFlow App

Keep up to date with your accounting software while you're on the move.

Description from the publisher: Since 2005, KashFlow has been providing intuitive online accounting software for small business owners. KashFlow uses cloud computing, widely considered safer than storing information on your office or home PC. Data is backed up in real time and by email, plus we’re fully PCI DSS compliant meaning security systems are regularly checked by a team of independent experts. Simple, effective, small business accounting software that removes the hassle of doing books in record time.

New web based software: Flexina Invoices


Description from the publisher: Flexina Invoices is an online software.
You can create and edit your invoices and estimates. You can follow your payments and add payments.
Flexina allows you to make import and export of all your statistics and data's.
You have access to great customer details and a catalog of items.
All templates are customizable (logo, colors and data's).
You can add modules as you want.

Go to the website and get a free trial!

New web based software: ProcessOn

ProcessOn Online Diagram Collaboration Tool

Description from the publisher: ProcessOn is a free visual collaboration designer that makes it easy to draw diagrams,flowcharts, UML, org charts and other diagrams in the browser! Work together with an unlimited number of team members or clients to create and edit diagrams in real time. Support to import with Microsoft Visio.

New web based software: primaERP / TIME TRACKING

Free online time tracking software

Description from the publisher: Real time tracking software for free with all features for 1 - 3 users - no trial period expiration.
primaERP / TIME TRACKING is a cloud based application which allows you to write down and manage your time. Being an online application, you can access from everywhere.
You can work in collaboration with your colleagues in one account. This allows you to delegate tasks and to have a clear project management overview.
By recording time it automatically generates reports that can be used for both accounting and to bill your clients; these will allow you to assess the efficiency of work on each of your tasks or projects and show you information to make decisions and increase productivity.
System notification service, which reminds you that you have time to track.
You can assign customers to their projects as well as hourly rates for each activity.
Allows you to integrate external applications such as Basecamp, MS Exchange calendar and Google Calendar.
It provides 3 dashboard views: calendar, agenda and timesheet.
Reports could be used as a free invoice generator.
You can add multiple users on the same account, making the good teamwork and the supervision process easy.
It is a very useful app for both personal and business use, especially intended for entrepreneurs, managers, self-employed, business and productivity consultants, freelancers and more.

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Webwarelist is a directory for web applications, i.e. web based software that runs in your web browser. We are not listing simple online services for time table information, music listening or to view digital maps. We are compiling a list of professional Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which can be used like its corresponding desktop applications. The Web 2.0 created a lot of new web based applications, but in fact this kind of software has been around since about Web 1.5. Many of the webapps are free, free to try or charge a small fee on a monthly basis.