Web applications and web based software

Webware is web based software that runs in your browser. This is a list of available web applications. There are many software download sites where you can download applications for your desktop. In recent years there were developed an increasing number of web applications. Software as a service (SaaS) applications, where you usually rent the software, are also increasing. There is, for example, online project management software, photo management software or online accounting applications. We couldn't find a directory for this type of software - so we created one.

Everything in one place in the web application

Web based software always has the most recent information: It is stored online and available from everywhere. There are a lot of online applications. For example, work together in a web software, keep important documents, information and tasks in one place, do your book keeping online or use an invoice web application. This kind of web based software is also called Software as a Service (SaaS), because you are not buying the app, but you pay (or use it for free) to use it.

Application spectrum for online software

We have web based software about these topics among others: contract management SaaS accounting software less accounting small business accounting software freelance accounting software online invoices invoicing time tracking expense service web office plugins wiki plugins web office work 2.0 enterprise 2.0 confluence plugins jira plugins twiki plugins balsamiq Balsamiq Studios HR Video mind map mind mapping brainstorming collaboration online mind map online mind mapping mindmap mind maps

Updates included

Because the application runs online, you'll get updates automatically. Usually professional web software will be updated constantly and practically without downtime. So you don't have to bother with installing updates.

Automatic backups

Most software providers keep backups of all your data. That way it is usually more save than on your desktop computer.

Rent it, don't buy software

Many web applications are for free in the basic version. Software as a Service (SaaS) means that you rent the application for as long as you need it. That cuts costs, is very flexible and you can usually try before you buy.

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Webwarelist is a directory for web applications, i.e. web based software that runs in your web browser. We are not listing simple online services for time table information, music listening or to view digital maps. We are compiling a list of professional Software as a Service (SaaS) applications which can be used like its corresponding desktop applications. The Web 2.0 created a lot of new web based applications, but in fact this kind of software has been around since about Web 1.5. Many of the webapps are free, free to try or charge a small fee on a monthly basis.