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MIDAS is a browser-based web app that gives you complete control over your room bookings & resource scheduling. Accessed entirely from your favorite web browser, see at a glance when your bookings are scheduled, manage staffing & equipment, send confirmations & invoices to clients, take booking requests through your website, and put an end to confusion & double bookings once and for all!

As all you need is a browser, MIDAS is readily available wherever you are! - Whether at the office, at home, or on the move - your booking information is right at your fingertips! Available to download (for use on your own server), or remotely hosted as SaaS (Software as a Service), MIDAS drastically cuts down on your costs, by streamlining the time spent on booking & administrative tasks, and reducing the amount of paperwork!

View bookings in a single, or multi-day grid, or as a monthly overview
Equipment, Staffing, & Consumables can be assigned to bookings
Quickly reschedule bookings with a simple "drag & drop" action
Easily add recurring bookings
Customized printouts of your bookings
Email booking confirmations to clients

Extensive "permissions" allow you to restrict what each user can do
A log is kept of all user activity
Receive notifications when new bookings are added or consumables are running low

Automatically generate invoices at time of booking
Retrospectively generate invoices
Manually create/modify invoices
Email invoices directly to your clients
Allow clients to pay their invoices online

Instantly generate & print graphical statistical reports
Export booking or client data in a range of formats for use in 3rd party applications, such as Excel

Allow the Public to check venue availability & make booking requests online (no login required!)
Booking Requests can be quickly approved/rejected by administrator

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MIDAS - Web Based Room Scheduling
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  • Price structure: Paid version(s), one-time payment
  • Price: From $739 USD
  • Clicks: 20
  • Publisher: MIDAS
  • http://mid.as/

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