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MyRecordList brings your record collection into the 21st century in style. List your vinyl records, cd's, cassettes and other formats and view your collection, your way.

It is completely free to create your list and features include; Import existing lists from RecordNerd and Discogs (csv) or grab release details from Discogs in a few clicks, detailed information page for each record including pressing information, condition, status and record color thumbnails, import or upload multiple images for each record (MyRecordList attempts to find the record covers for you and has integrated image searching with various music databases), support for multiple artists and record labels (for splits and compilations), multiple views (List, Grouped, Grid and Text List), simple search and advanced filters to pick out specific records in your list, share links for your list and records to post online, integrated social media sharing, publish your vinyl '#nowplaying' to your social accounts (Facebook and Twitter), play your records through Spotify (MyRecordList will search for your records for you), get charts and stats for your collection showing you your most popular artists, years, formats, labels, genres etc and backup/export all or part of your list to a csv file.

There is always friendly help and support should you need it and all the features are listed on the website and questions answered on Facebook ( and Twitter ( This is an independent project run in the UK by music fans who also like to develop web apps.

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