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dakwak is a website translation and localization technology that helps businesses in going global by having up and running translated versions of their website with no technical involvement and no integration.

Translation quality is user-controlled through dakwak’s multi-layered translation system offering machine, team, and professional translation options.

Translated versions of the website run initially under a temporary subdomain provided by dakwak till the user configures his DNS and makes those versions run under his own domain name.

Once the translated website is running under your own domain name, translated pages will start being indexed in search engines making your website visible to people searching in their native language.

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Project management

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Website translation, website translation software, how to translate a website, translate a website, website localization

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  • Price structure: Paid version(s), monthly payment
  • Price: 9, 50, 150 USD
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  • Publisher: dakwak
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