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Talibro.com is an online, double-entry accounting software as a service for Small and Medium Businesses. It was launched on October 16, 2012 by Talibro LLC, a US based company founded by two accountants with a good knowledge of programming and usability studies.

List of Features:
1. Accounts Receivable
1.1. One time and recurring invoices
1.2. Credit Notes
1.3. Overdue Invoice Reminders
1.5. Invoice items delivery track

2. Accounts Payable
3. Inventory Management on FIFO and LIFO
4. Expenses/Bills Tracking
5. Document Management
6. User Roles and Permissions Management
7. Financial and Management Reports
8. General Ledger and advanced Journal Entries
9. PayPal, USPS and Google apps integrated

Purpose of creating the software is to introduce a useful accounting suite, so that:

Small & Medium Businesses could easily opt accounting software without any learning curve
Accountants could utilize powerful journal entries for any possible adjustments
HR manager could introduce proper segregation of duties of employees by creating custom user roles and permissions
CEO could access fully drill-down financial and management reports
In general, to make life easier

Our Mission is “To provide a stable and versatile online accounting platform for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises which incorporates functionality and ease of use for accounting and management operations”

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