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If you're involved with building websites, you know that content organization and approval can be an overwhelming process. We've all tried flowcharts, and Powerpoint, html mocks... even paper. All of these suffer from crucial flaws... They're not interactive, and they carry no momentum into the build phase.

Unlike paper mock-ups, and tree shaped diagrams, with a Jumpchart preview, -clients just get it. It's not an abstract concept, it works just like the website will. Before you push your first pixel, they can click through and navigate the whole website.

How many emails come through your inbox, only to be forwarded to another party? Copywriters, photographers, programmers, designers, and clients. They all have an opinion on what should go where. Bring everyone together in a single place by inviting them to a Jumpchart. Sit back and watch the site unfold before your eyes...

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