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Grow your sales with Method:CRM for QuickBooks, the top-rated CRM on Intuit You and your team will be organized! You'll stay on top of what each customer needs so nothing gets missed. Happy Customers = More Sales. Try it free for 30 days.

*Tight* QUICKBOOKS ONLINE integration
Since we built Method to require QuickBooks Online from day 1, Method has near-zero setup time and the highest level of bi-directional synchronization possible. All your customers, vendors, employees, items, and other QuickBooks Online lists are accessible from a web browser. You can view, add and edit virtually every QuickBooks Online transaction, including estimates, invoices, payments, vendor bills and much more!
Track LEADS outside of QuickBooks Online
Web-to-lead forms allow your potential customers to request product and service information from your website and instantly create a lead, sales opportunity and a follow-up reminder for you in Method. Leads can be entered into Method via web-to-lead forms, imported from Excel or via the Method API, or entered manually. Once a lead is converted to a customer it syncs to QuickBooks Online automatically, and in real-time.

Close more sales OPPORTUNITIES
Method provides a way for your sales team to share sales opportunities (potential deals) with their co-workers - which helps to close deals if they are on the phone with another customer or away from their desk. Gain insight with dashboards and analytics - helping you know who your best customers are, best staff are, and who is falling between the cracks.

Self-serve PORTALS make you look Fortune-500 professional
Portals allow you to create a self-service "My Account" area on your website. Let your customers ask questions, see past transactions, make payments, and print existing invoices. And since Method is fully customizable, you can create virtually any portal you want.

MOBILE – Use mobile-optimized screens on your phone or tablet
Access Method through a mobile browser (including Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile). Since Method is customizable, you can even create your own browser-based mobile applications, specific to the needs of your team.

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