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From Property Managers and Directors of Facilities to Maintenance Coordinators and Trades People, Maxpanda Work Order Management Software is an essential maintenance productivity tool saving your entire organization 10-20% in annual operating costs. Start adding your assets as soon as you sign into your account. Build your PM library your way!

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You and your staff can decide how they want to track and control assets using multiple independent dimensions in real-time for equipment or space work orders. It leaves financial staff scrambling for information from many disparate sources, which in some cases is simply not there. And then there are the calls by pressured boards for large increases in performance figures, and equally large decreases in running costs. That leaves operations staff grappling with very few records making inaccurate decisions based on incomplete data. Finance and operations staff have different problems but the cause is the same. Free asset information is soloed in transactional systems, or locked in spreadsheets, or in difficult to access paper files or simply has not been recorded anywhere. Have no fear, Maxpanda SaaS to the rescue! The asset management software market has changed, forever. We tie your maintenance related costs directly to your accounting package in real-time using our proprietary Work Order API. No more exporting relevant reports and data for the accountant, accounting office, cfo, cma, cga or bookkeeper. Maxpanda updates your accounting package with Free automatic push notifications.

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Property Managers, Directors of Facilities to Maintenance, Coordinators, Trades People, Work Order Management Software, maintenance productivity tool, saving your entire organization, 10-20% in annual operating costs, assets

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