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FormLizard doesn’t just collect data from web forms, it produces completed documents, like forms, contracts, and more. And, it simplifies completing documents by turning them into online interviews.
• Complete forms, prepare contracts, update reports
• Export in Word, Excel, PDF, e-Submit
• Take a big step toward a paperless office
Unlike other web form tools that just collect data, FormLizard also produces completed documents, like forms, contracts, proposals and more, ready for signatures, e-submitting, or one-click sending to your Google Docs, RightSignature or other integration partner accounts.

FormLizard greatly simplifies the process of completing documents by turning them into online interviews. Complete one interview and an entire set of documents is prepared.

With FormLizard, get rid of deciphering bad handwriting, incomplete forms, filling out the same information on multiple forms, or searching for the correct version.

Who are FormLizard customers and what are they using it for?
• Medical practices - patient information packets (FormLizard knows HIPAA)
• Car dealers - financing forms
• Schools - registration packets
• Government agencies - procurement contracts
• Attorneys - motions, filings and client letters
• Family courts - pro se filings
• HR departments - employment forms
• Equipment maintenance companies - sales agreements
• Property managers - leases
• Construction companies - contracts, change orders, lien releases

Use FormLizard internally within an organization; open it up to selected persons, such as customers; or make your instance accessible to the public.

Share interviews creating workflow among users.

Use the Free plan at no cost to get started, and if you only need one form continue using FormLizard for free. Paid subscriptions start at just $14.95.

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